Architecture Firms

You can forget about IT worries and focus on your projects and clients.

Architecture Firms:

Architecture firms need efficient teamwork and remote access to real-time data because their success depends on collaborating with different workers in the office and on the job site. Without reliable IT that streamlines your operations, communication, and remote data access, your firm will struggle to meet its goals within your budget. But Tech Mafia has you covered.

Our architecture-specific IT systems and devices operate at peak performance around the clock, so you never experience downtime or poor network performance. We’ll seamlessly migrate your systems to the cloud for streamlined project management, improved communication, and on-demand access from any internet-connected device. You’ll enjoy more effective teamwork, increased productivity, and fewer resource demands.

Improve Your Firm’s Operations and Results With Our:

  • Easy mobile access to all your company data, models, and applications
  • Multilayered cybersecurity, including email protection, intrusion prevention, and more
  • Proactive optimization of your IT so your staff is always productive
  • Prompt, reliable support for any IT issue, from troubleshooting to hardware repair
  • Off-site backups so you can quickly restore all your data from any device

Architecture firms count on us to improve teamwork, productivity, and resource utilization

The most cost-effective way to achieve “always-on” IT that provides seamless collaborations, easy-access mobile platforms, and 24/7 software and hardware support is to outsource your IT to Tech Mafia.