Tech Talks

Latest updates and hand-picked resources to keep up with the ever-evolving world of technology.

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Debunking Commonly Held Cyber Security Myths

You'd be amazed how many business owners in the Seattle area we speak to who hold these myths near and dear to their hearts. We are here to bust them.

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IT Support For Dummies

The roles of IT Support, IT jargon and why IT Suport is critical for businesses


Why Does My Small Business Need IT Service Management?

Get into the nitty gritty surrounding what IT Service Management actually is

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10 Things To Delegate To An IT Team TODAY

Get time back to do what you do best and let the experts handle the rest

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What IT Support Means

An overview of the proactive measures taken by Tech Mafia to protect client data and provide IT support

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How Scammers Use Brands To Trick You

Statistics regarding Brand Impersonation scams and tips to avoid them

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What Do IT Support Specialists Do?

Descibes the role and responsibilities of IT Support Specialists, and how clients benefit

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A Closer Look at Fileless Malware

An Explanation of Fileless Malware, prevelance and purpose

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BYOD versus CYOD

Defining the 2 main personal device policies most companies use

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Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

A warning against phishing scams hidden as 'sweepstakes awards'