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For over 30 years, we have been providing IT support to local SMBs like yours in the Puget Sound area. We offer the highest quality of Managed IT Services and Cyber Security protection at a price you can afford!

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What are managed IT Services?

Watch this short video for a glimpse at how our Managed IT solutions can transform your business by delivering technology peace of mind

5 Reasons to Hire Tech Mafia:

1. Crisis Management and Data Recovery

Every day there is a new headline about a company who has been ransomed or their data breached. In the event of the worst, Tech Mafia provides the backups and protection that will help you recover your data and have your company back online with minimal downtime.

2. Preventative Support and Maintenance

No one can completely prevent cybersecurity breaches, but Tech Mafia can help minimize your exposure and risk with added layers of security, better data protection services, keeping software current, cloud backups, and even better employee education for best practices.

3. Predictable Budgeting

Less expensive than an internal IT department, or even one full time staff member, you get the benefit of a well-versed technical team for a fixed monthly cost. Less unneeded expenses and time wasted when surprise technical issues arise.

4. Custom Solutions

Tech Mafia offers customized packages, so you get just the level of support and protection you need. From IT help desk support for employees to complete data backup and cybersecurity packages, only pay for what you need.

5. Keeping Your Company Up To Date

With Tech Mafia monitoring your company’s technology, you’ll be better apprised of the latest security and software updates. You’ll have the support in place to keep your company technology running smoothly and safely.

Still have questions? We’d love to answer them! Contact us today, and let’s see how our MSP services can bring your business technology peace of mind.

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