Email Security

Send and receive emails securely with our end-to-end email protection.

For modern businesses, email is a fast, efficient tool that is relied upon perhaps more than any other form of communication. And because it’s used so often by your employees, it’s wise to keep it protected. From viruses and spam to ransomware and cyber attacks, gaps in email security can cause serious damage to your company.

Email Security solutions from Tech Mafia scan, quarantine, and delete suspicious emails before they arrive in your inbox, so you’ll no longer have to worry about malicious attacks again.

Our Email Security solutions provide:

  • Spam filtering
  • Customized email scanning
  • Email encryption and archiving
  • Detailed report
  • Advanced threat protection
  • Simple deployment

Make your inbox safe and manageable.

Prevent spam and viruses from burrowing their way into your systems. Organize your inbox to weed out unimportant emails and display the ones you need to focus on.