Who is Tech Mafia?

Tech Mafia is a veteran-owned Managed Service Provider specializing in protecting the networks of small and medium-sized companies in the Puget Sound area. We offer a vast umbrella of IT services - focusing on cybersecurity - to keep your infrastructure in order so you can run your business without worry.

Early Beginnings

We are a small team of local tech experts with roots in the Seattle area. Founded by CEO Todd Blair after a 20 year foray in computer repair, our passions lie in protecting local businesses from the ever-growing laundry list of threats from the internet. When you’re under our wing, you’re part of the family.

Our Philosophy

Based in Issaquah and serving the entire region, we pride ourselves in giving back to the community we serve. Digital threats are one of the top dangers facing small business owners, and if just one business is saved, it enriches us all and allows for the growth we love to see.