Strategic, scalable solutions and reliable support so you reach your goals more efficiently and sustainably

Nonprofit organizations must ensure their funding serves their members as much as possible. But efficiency-enhancing technology that can help achieve your mission can also easily become an unpredictable financial and productivity burden. Tech Mafia can make sure your IT doesn’t drain your resources or diminish your services.

We’ll ensure your IT is always an asset and never a liability with fully managed solutions and services. For a flat monthly fee, we’ll learn your operational needs and strategic goals, then customize, implement, and maintain the technology you need to achieve your mission more efficiently. With an always available infrastructure, bulletproof data backups, help desk support, and more, you can focus on members and donors, not on IT issues.

Make better use of all your resources, thanks to our:

  • Scalable solutions that grow with your organization
  • Strategic guidance so your IT always supports your strategy and delivers maximum ROI
  • Custom packages designed for your organization’s size and budget
  • Guaranteed privacy and safety of employee and donor information

Nonprofit organizations need solutions that work, resources they can rely on, and dependable experts advising them

Partnering with Tech Mafia means you get all of these in one place, for an affordable price. Start reaching your goals more efficiently today!