Medical & Dental

Streamlined patient experiences, HIPAA-compliant information handling systems, and more time for your patients

Reliable technology is critical for the entire patient experience, from providing care to scheduling appointments to billing, and more. Outdated software, unsecure systems, poor connectivity, or inefficient processes can make it harder and riskier for medical and dental professionals to perform their jobs and stay compliant, whether they’re on the floor or in the back office.

As an experienced healthcare and dental IT partner, Tech Mafia knows how to meet your practice’s unique requirements with best-in-class, rigorously tested IT solutions and services. You can deliver better patient care and experiences, as we’ll streamline the entire patient experience from appointments through to billing, all while keeping their information private and safe. You’ll enjoy fewer IT and compliance headaches and more time to care for your patients.

With enterprise-grade technology optimized for your practice, you’ll enjoy:

  • Simple scalability so you always deliver good patient experiences and grow sustainably without having to hire in-house technicians
  • Easier compliance with changing industry regulations like HIPAA and HITECH
  • EMR solutions for more secure, streamlined, yet accessible patient information
  • Help desk support to quickly resolve any IT issue
  • Redundant off-site backups of your data and infrastructure so you can always operate even during disasters

Let us handle your tech so you can focus on your patients

In this highly regulated industry, maintaining exceptional patient care standards and remaining in compliance can be challenging. And costly, which is why you need an experienced healthcare and dental IT partner like Tech Mafia. You’ll get maximum technology ROI through improved productivity and compliance standing, with more resources to devote to patient care.