Accounting Firms

Maximize productivity and compliance with proactive support, reliable networks, and “bulletproof” data.

Accounting Services:

Your accounting firm handles large amounts of confidential data in a highly regulated, increasingly virtualized industry. IT problems like outdated software, an unscalable infrastructure, and malfunctioning systems put your firm at risk. Without a reliable technology partner, you could suffer from compliance penalties, costly downtime, a crippling data breach, inefficient processes, unnecessary costs — the list goes on.

But Tech Mafia can help. We offer finance-specific technology solutions and services optimized to the unique needs of your accounting firm, from infrastructure management and cloud productivity software to advanced cybersecurity and help desk support. Your firm will benefit from peak performance IT and improved employee productivity, data security, and compliance standing.

Our IT Solutions Boost Your Accounting Firm’s Performance With:

  • Easy scalability so you always meet demand and deliver good customer experiences
  • Assessment, implementation, and maintenance of security and compliance programs
  • 24/7 support during peak filing season for maximum productivity and efficiency
  • Multitiered backup and disaster recovery solutions so you can resume operations quickly after any downtime event
  • Strategic technology guidance ensuring your IT aligns with your business objectives

Accounting practices trust us with their most important assets

Accounting firm leaders choose and stay with us because of our long-standing track record of making their data impenetrable and delivering better business outcomes. Isn’t time we do the same for you?