Are Your Company’s Passwords Secure?

Are Your Company’s Passwords Secure?

Time and again we see stories hit the news about company data compromised due to one lost laptop, or one hacked account. This is why it’s so important to educate your employees about safe passwords, and ensure they are not inadvertently compromising your cybersecurity.

Educate Your Employees on Password Security

Make sure your employees realize the importance of keeping their company accounts secure and have guidelines in place for passwords they set up.

Top tips for secure passwords:

  • Don’t recycle old passwords
  • Use uppercase, lowercase, numbers and special characters
  • Make sure they are long, over 12 characters
  • Make it a nonsense phrase, the more random the better

Protect Your Company Data with a Password Manager

Educating your employees is great, but why not have peace of mind by using a password manager? At Tech Mafia we help our business clients set up a system that randomly generates and stores passwords, so your data is better protected. No more worrying about weak points with employee logins, password management software is the best way to keep company accounts secure.

Need help setting up? Tech Mafia is here to help. Connect with us today, and let’s add another layer of protection to your company data.