Introducing Tech Mafia

Introducing Tech Mafia

PC Fix is pleased to announce our new managed IT services division, Tech Mafia. We have been honored to serve the greater Seattle area for nearly two decades, providing an array of computer related services from troubleshooting and repairs to cyber security, data protection and recovery. Data protection and cyber security is increasingly crucial for all businesses, and Tech Mafia is dedicated to providing those essential services.

Business Cyber Security has become as important as business insurance, but our managed cyber security services sometimes get lost under the heading “computer repair.” Our decision to distinguish Tech Mafiafrom PC Fix was twofold: provide a clearer picture of the business services we offer, and for our business clients, provide easier access to resources geared towards their managed IT and cyber protection services.

PC Fix will remain our consumer computer repair business while our business and managed IT services customers will transition to the Tech Mafia division. Our refreshed website with Tech Mafia branding is the just start of the exciting new features PC Fix and Tech Mafia will be rolling out this year.

Please read and download our press release here, and to learn more about the Tech Mafia IT services we offer, visit our business services page at

As always, we appreciate your business and we will continue to focus on providing 100% customer satisfaction, by protecting your data and technology.

Todd Blair


PC Fix/Tech Mafia